Long Term Care

The Basics

What is long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance helps people live the way they did prior to the illness or injury. It provides help with bathing, eating, dressing, or perhaps respite/hospice care, adult daycare or care in a nursing home. Most people believe that their Major Medical, Disability or Medicare plans will cover/protect them, but these plans are restrictive and come with limitations and exclusions.  This is why a separate Long Term Care policy is purchased.

Who Needs Long Term Care Insurance?

Any one of us may need long term care at some point in our future! People with a prolonged physical illness, disability or cognitive impairment could need custodial care either in their home or within a nursing home facility. This could include someone who had a hip replacement or surgical procedure.

 Do you think you will live a long life?

Used to be when you had a heart attack or cancer, you died; now, with technological advances every day, you live! Life expectancy after age 65 has increased to 17.9 years!

Do you believe that you will be healthy and self-sufficient your entire life?

We’d all like to believe we take good care of ourselves and ‘catch’ things before they become a problem, but even those non-life threatening illnesses/injuries can lead to requiring custodial type care.

How are you currently protecting your “assets”?

Your car – through auto insurance

Your house – through homeowner’s insurance

Your family – through life insurance

Your salary – through disability insurance

Your wealth – through life and/or health insurance

Your LONG LIFE — ?????

What does long term care cost?

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Carscout, the average annual costs of long term care for the Chicagoland area are:

Home Health Care- $52,624

Adult Day Care- $18,741

Assisted Living- $52,200

Nursing Home- $82,125 for semi-private room & $94,900 for private rooms.

Keep in mind these are today’s costs, in the next 5 years, we can see an average of 3-5% increase in these areas.


Planning for the unexpected is never easy and that is why we are here to help.  Please contact us to set up a time to help protect you and your family.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Client Testimonials

The levels of understanding and creativity that Kris and her associates have provided for our personal and company needs during the past 2+ decades has been overwhelming. From group medical requirements to a wide variety of individual and corporate coverage needs, Kris has continually raised the bar to ensure that our people and interests were, are and will continue to be- fully protected.

- Todd BergChairman & CEO, Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc.

... Kris Aufmann has been our insurance broker for 18 years, providing our company with health, dental and vision insurance along with short-term and long-term disability coverage. Kris has proven to be a valuable asset to our company, offering a wide arrange of benefits to our employees and is always available if we have questions or need help with anything.

- Edward StritchPresident & CEO, The Concord Group

Aufmann Associates have done an amazing job from guiding us through the best insurance coverage for our employees to the pricing out complete coverage in our area. I cant imagine an easier process than with Aufmann Associates. I Highly recommend Kris and the team as they go above and beyond what I've ever experienced before in complete insurance coverage. Thanks you!

- Sean McNamaraOwner, RLC Media
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